Wall Insulation Services & Installers

Wall weighs in as the second-most important insulation behind roof and ceiling, to improve the overall thermal comfort within your home.

Insulating your walls provides thermal benefits by creating a barrier for heat transfer in and out of your home, which can be as high as 25%.

We can provide a range of insulation solutions for walls, including thermal and acoustic batts and our exclusive Envirowall retrofit cavity wall insulation for existing homes.

Envirowall by Enviroflex is a cost-effective insulation designed for existing homes and renovations.

The Envirowall system is one of the most energy efficient insulation solutions, providing thermal benefits by creating a barrier for heat transfer in and out of your home.

Envirowall effectively fills the cavity between the internal plasterboard and external facade using a ‘blow-in’ technique, with minimal disruption to your home. It can be installed either externally through brick, brick veneer, double brick and weatherboard, or internally through plasterboard (where external restrictions apply).

Envirowall retrofit cavity insulation also provides acoustic improvements and can be used for internal walls to ensure noise does not carry between rooms


External walls should be insulated to reduce radiant, conducted and convected heat transfer.

Wall insulation can be installed:

  • within cavities
  • within stud frames
  • on the outside of stud frames
  • on the inside or outside of solid walls.

Depending on the particular situation, some forms of insulation can double as a vapour or moisture barrier.

Most walls benefit from added insulation, and it is possible to add insulation to most construction types used in Australia. Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) already has a reasonable degree of insulation built into the blocks themselves, and straw bale is an extremely highly insulated system. Apart from these exceptions, added wall insulation is essential in all climates.


How do I know if I have any wall insulation?

There are a few ways to check

  1. With an Infrared device
  2. By pulling off the power point covers and checking behind them, can be deceiving though as insulation  has sometimes found to have only been installed to a small area around the points to indicate insulation.
  3. Looking down wall cavity from inside the roof

Why do new builds need insulation wrap?

To decrease air flow and act as a secondary barrier for your bulk insulation allowing greater efficiency. Wraps shield your home from radiant heat. They also assist in protecting the structure during build from the weather.

Can Envirowall be installed into existing houses?

Yes. Envirowall – Cavity Wall Insulation is a perfect product for existing brick, brick veneer and weatherboard homes. The install is non-intrusive as it can be installed through brick, brick veneer, weatherboard or internally through the plaster.

What material is Envirowall?

We have the two product options to use for insulation by the Envirowall method – Supafil Carbon Plus for walls and Jetstream Max for ceilings both from Knauf. Please refer to technical data sheets for more information on both products.

What is the fire rating of Envirowall?

Both products used for Envirowall comply with Australian standards for fire retardancy.

How do you install Envirowall in brick?

We drill small 20 cent of size holes in the mortar between the bricks, then using a specialised hose we fill the cavity. On completion we patch up the holes.

How do you install Envirowall in weatherboard?

We drill small 20 cent of size holes in the weatherboards, then using a specialised hose we fill the cavity. On completion we patch up the holes. The weather boards will require to be sanded and re-painted post installation.

Can Envirowall be installed in internal walls?

Yes. Envirowall can be installed internally acting as an acoustic barrier between rooms. Again a number of holes will be drilled into the plaster. These holes will be filled but must be sanded back and then the walls re painted post installation.

Can Envirowall be installed through besser bricks?

No it cannot as it can impact the integrity of the bricks

How does Envirowall stop condensation?

Envirowall is vapour permeable allow breathability.

How big are the holes made during Envirowall installation?

About the size of a 20 cent piece