Under Floor Insulation Services & Installers

Works best in winter and keeps your floor
at a constant temperature.

An un-insulated underfloor can lose as much as 20% of internal heating or cooling.

It’s estimated that you could save at least 10% per year on your energy bills with underfloor insulation, but installing it is dirty work!

Underfloor insulation prevents air draught and creates an insulating barrier under the floorboards, and can also be retrofitted to existing homes that have a subfloor and most new builds that have a requirement for floor insulation.

It is perfect for exposed floorboards on a suspended wooden floor. It is also a great solution for insulating the edge and/or the underside of slabs on the ground.

Please keep in mind that not all houses are suitable for underfloor insulation, such as homes on a concrete slab where there is inadequate space for our installers to place the product.

Enviroflex install several underfloor insulation solutions, depending on your home construct and environment.

Autex Polyester is a great solution where there is the potential for the product to become wet or damp. Polyester dries out and retains its loft and insulation properties. It is manufactured in Australia and is our preferred solution.

Knauf Earthwool is a Glasswool solution and a wind wash barrier, providing additional protection from air movement under the floor.

Foilboard can be installed under the joists enclosing the underfloor space.


Our experienced installers have all be trained by Australian Wall & Ceiling Industries (AWCI), who provide training on safety protocols to be followed throughout the installation process, particularly around electrical safety and equipment handling.

You will also have the added benefit that while we are under your house, we can inspect your ducts for damage too.

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How does underfloor insulation work?

It assists to keep your floor at a constant room temperature. It gets its biggest workout in the winter as the warm air floats to the ceiling leaving the coolest area on the floor. The insulation will fight the cold and keep the house at a comfortable level by preventing airdrafts.

It is perfect for exposed floorboards on a suspended wooden floor. It also offers a great solution of the insulation on the edge of slabs, or the underside of slabs on the ground.

What access is required to install underfloor insulation?

Not all existing houses are suitable for underfloor insulation as adequate space, a minimum of 50cm, is needed for the installer to get to the area to place the product. It’s recommended that if you are considering underfloor insulation you get someone out to assess the area.