We take landfill waste and recycle to produce insulation products which drive down energy consumption and improve thermal and acoustic comfort for our clients and our planet.

We partner with manufacturers and employees who uphold our values in sustainability and ethical treatment of people and resources.


True to our vision with environment and sustainability front of mind, we provide a variety of innovative, exclusive and eco-friendly insulation options to solve issues of heat, cold, excessive noise and provide acoustic excellence.

We are an Australian owned insulation company specialising in thermal and acoustic applications, providing professional installation for both the residential and commercial sectors.

To deliver the best thermal and acoustic insulation, our staff have been trained by the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries (AWCI) and our manufacturing partners.

To ease people’s minds all installers have current Police and Working With Children Checks along with the appropriate insurances and industry certifications.

Our mission is to be an inspired group of insulation specialists who provide comfort changing acoustic and thermal insulation using sustainable materials.


At Enviroflex, we hold ourselves to a high standard for ethical behaviour, professionalism and performance. We have pride in what we do and hold ourselves to account in how we conduct ourselves in business every day.

We drive a strong culture with honesty and integrity out of our genuine respect for people. Teamwork and trust are crucial to the key functions of our business and particularly field teams who must look out for each-other on site. Safety is our number one priority for our teams and those working around them. This also extends to our customers wellbeing and the conduct of our suppliers.

We encourage openness in communication, listening to each-other and sharing ideas for the betterment of the business. We actively seek to enhance our teams by embracing diversity and inclusion.

Our suppliers must be aligned to our core values and our code of conduct. We expect transparency, partnership and collaboration for the benefit of both parties and our communities.