When should you get an expert to draught proof your house?

Opening the door to a freezing cold house in winter is far from ideal—especially when you’re paying so much for heating to keep it cosy! If your energy bills are on the rise, and your house still isn’t toasty, it might be time to look at some alternatives and work out what’s happening to all that hot air.

Why is my house so draughty?

Did you know up to 25% of heat loss from existing homes is caused by draughts? Even brand-new homes can have a draught. This happens when there are tiny gaps in the construction of your home (like around external pipes, windows, doors, chimneys, floorboards, and ceiling/wall joints), and those gaps can let in not only frosty air, but also damp and even pests.

Is it ever good to have a draught?

Draughts are similar to ventilation, in that both let fresh air into your home. Good ventilation helps reduce condensation and damp and can help cool down a hot house. Draughts, on the other hand, are uncontrolled – they let too much cold air in and waste too much heat.

Ways to find draughts in windows or around doors

Think you might be living in a draughty house? It’s easy to check. First, look for obvious gaps or visible chinks of light coming through any cracks around doors and windows. Check the exterior of your house for any breaks in the caulking or sealant.

Next, run your hand along the inside of the window or door perimeter. You shouldn’t be able to feel any draught. Test this by slipping a piece of paper in the window, then closing it firmly. You shouldn’t be able to slide the paper out.

If it passes the tests so far, you can also light a candle and place it near the window (just be sure it’s clear of any curtains etc!). Does the flame move? It shouldn’t!

You can also listen for any odd humming or whistling noise on a windy day.

If you answered yes to any of these, it’s probably time for some draught-proofing.

Can I just DIY my draught-proofing?

There are lots of DIY options out there, from sticky foam pads and bulky tape to “door snakes” filled with sand. Ultimately, they usually don’t last very long before the foam or tape breaks down, and it’s very hard to fit them properly without impacting the look of your house.

And if you miss a section, or don’t install it properly, you’ve only wasted your time and money. Plus those door snakes are a serious pain when you’re trying to move through your house.

Luckily there’s a much better way.

What is professional draught-proofing?     

Draught-proofing is a way of identifying potential areas for air leakage and blocking them to make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. It stops warm air from escaping your home in winter and hot air from entering in summer, saving you money and making your home more comfortable.

As part of our free home insulation evaluation we can detect your home’s problem areas, then find the best options to help seal the issue. We can install draught-proofing in window and door frames, the bottoms of doors, exhaust fans, and fireplaces—anywhere the problems might arise.

How does draught-proofing work in house with gas appliances?

If you have internal gas appliances (particularly flueless gas heaters, a gas heater installed in a chimney, or an open-flued gas heater) it is important to take safety precautions.

All flueless gas appliances require some air ventilation to operate safely. Open-flued gas heaters – which draw combustion air from the room in which they are located – require a supply of fresh room air.

If you have gas appliances, it’s important to work with an expert. Please contact us and we can help you find some safe options for your home.

Ready to close those gaps?

When assessing your home’s insulation requirements, we can review your house’s draught issues, pinpoint problem areas, and install custom draught-proofing solutions around your entire home that will prevent unwanted hot and cold air from getting in. Our team is ready to help keep you warm this winter.

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