Underfloor Insulation in Winter

Retrofitting underfloor insulation is a great investment in your home which will improve your year round comfort and reduce your energy bills.

In Winter up to 20% of the heat loss in your home occurs through the floor.

Insulating your underfloors helps cocoon your home, preventing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, and provides year round acoustic benefits reducing reverberation from footsteps etc.

As an investment you will need less heating and air conditioning to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, dramatically reducing your energy bills, and the rate at which your appliances need to work, extending their life. 

A fully insulated home, compared to a home with no insulation, can save you up to 50% on your energy bills.  The inclusion of underfloor insulation to an otherwise insulated house can save between 10 – 20% of your energy bills through winter.

Our favourite underfloor insulation is the Australian Made Autex Greenstuff, a recycled polyester insulation, available in R2 and R2.5 which is fixed between the joists under your floors preventing draughts from coming up through your floorboards.  The higher the “R” value the greater the thermal performance and resistance to heat transfer.

Underfloor insulation can be installed by our qualified team ensuring optimal results or as a DIY project.  Our team require a minimum of 50cm clearance between the floor and ground, but are very accomplished at working around heating ducts etc and getting to tricky spots.