How to check your home’s insulation (for free) in under an hour — a case study

With cooler weather right around the corner, now is the perfect time to be checking your home’s insulation and making improvements for winter.

Even small gaps in your ceiling insulation (as thin as an A4 piece of paper!) can lead to huge losses of heat in your home.

It can be very hard to spot these problems, which can sometimes even be hidden by the original insulation.

Enviroflex offers a free, no-obligation visit to your home, where our insulation specialists will assess your existing insulation and make recommendations to get it where it should be.

We asked Audrey, a new prospective customer, to tell us about her experience so you would know what to expect.

A Case Study

“My husband, son, and I recently moved into a new home in Melbourne and know almost nothing about its history (just that it passed our building inspection!). But we had noticed over the last few months that it would get really hot inside on summer days. Since we all feel the cold, I wanted to get the insulation checked out before winter and see what was going on. I am so glad I did.

I called Enviroflex, and they quickly booked me in for a free assessment the following week.

Calen, the technician, arrived 2 minutes early and was extremely friendly and considerate. He offered to pop on a mask and take off his shoes, and only paused to give some good scruffles to our excited little dog.

Calen, Enviroflex Insulation Specialist

He was completely prepared, with all his own ladders and tools and even a printed floorplan of the house. He got set up straight away, explaining his process as he went.

Calen crawled through the manhole into our roof space and took pictures to show us how bad the issue was—the old insulation had never actually been installed! It was still sitting there in big rolls, wrapped in the original plastic. And the ceiling cavity between the first and second storey was just bare boards.

Apparently, this happens a lot! He said we were the second house that day where he saw rolls that had never actually been taken out of their wrapping.

No wonder we were having problems.

He checked the rolls and explained that they weren’t thick enough to be up to code anyway. But he also hates waste and said he could still use it for us, but that he would also layer something much better on top.

Calen then checked our walls to see if they were insulated (thankfully they are!). He also looked at our bathroom and recommended against doing any insulation work in there because it would be cancelled out by the giant glass-block window (hello, 80s) and wouldn’t have a big enough effect to be worth the cost. We really appreciated his honest and genuine approach.

Then he looked over the whole downstairs and went under the house, explaining that in order of cost and insulation-effectiveness, we would want to look at ceiling, then walls, then underfloor.

He said our ceilings are nearly bare and definitely need help. Walls look alright, and underfloor insulation could be useful if there is a lot of space under there, which there is.

We’re currently waiting on his quote and plan of action.

Calen clearly knows his stuff and was so thorough – we asked a LOT of questions, and nothing was too much trouble. He was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and not pushy or sales-y in the slightest. He genuinely wanted to find the best options for us that would maximise efficiency (both of cost and insulation).

Insulation can seem like it’s going to be a big and very expensive undertaking, especially for something you won’t be able to see in your home.

But it has been so easy, and I’m so glad we’re now ticking this one off the list now before winter starts.

It’s great to understand what the problem is and that we can take some quick steps to fix it.

“Everyone should take advantage of the free evaluation. It only took us 40 minutes. You have nothing to lose and will absolutely learn more about to how better to protect your house and keep your heating and cooling bills down.”

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To book in your own free, no-obligation home insulation evaluation and get a plan of action for winter, call us on 1300 782 591.