The Benefits of Sustainable Building and Eco-Friendly Construction

By now, we all know about climate issues and understand that changes need to be made in order to fight it. With hundreds of millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases entering our environment every year, it’s more important than ever before for every business and consumer to make responsible choices.

One industry in particular has its work cut out. According to the International Energy Agency, the building and construction sectors are globally responsible for 36% of final energy consumption and nearly 40% of CO2 emissions. Yikes.

It’s past time for us all to take carbon emissions seriously and find better and more energy-efficient solutions for the buildings we construct. And that starts with us.

What is sustainable building?

It means building in harmony with the existing environment, making considerate choices from an environmental perspective, and reducing our footprint wherever possible. As demand grows, it becomes more and more important to make responsible changes and choices.

From consumers to architects, and builders to manufacturers, we all have a role to play in reducing the huge footprint of the industry.

How manufacturers play a part in sustainable building

Australian builders and tradespeople have shown time and again their adaptability to a changing market with new regulations, new goals, and new tech.

It falls to the manufacturers to create and provide the products that meet or exceed regulations, while still delivering a quality result. Creating products that are as sustainable as possible and still fit well into the designs and builders’ plans and budget.

Using environmentally-friendly building materials in insulation

We take our environmental responsibility very seriously and are constantly searching for new ways to reduce our footprint even further.

We have always used products with high recycled content, keeping it out of landfill and preventing unnecessary manufacturing.  Our mission is to improve our customers’ lifestyle, comfort, and wellbeing whilst reducing energy consumption.

In addition to recycling as much waste as possible, we also choose to support other businesses providing environmentally-considerate products and services. From stationery to cleaning products and toilet paper, recycling of batteries, phones, cartridges and e-waste, every bit helps.

Enviroflex: eco-friendly Australian insulation using recycled materials

Cellulose insulation is made from plant cells in the form of paper. Since paper comes from wood, the cellulose contains a high percentage of carbon. We use cellulose (tiny plant-based fibres) in our insulation products. And wherever possible, we get our cellulose from existing recyclables.

Cellulose is a valuable resource being harvested quickly from our environment, so it is crucial that we keep it in circulation for as long as we can, giving it many different lives instead of burying it in landfill.

Enviroflex processes a variety of cellulose-based waste products, including newspapers, cardboard, wax board, and now glassine liner…all items that otherwise would head to the tip.

We collect the waste cellulose for recycling, sort it, and then process it through shredders and hammer mills, breaking it down to a raw material that is supplied as a component part of the industrial process.

Should I get cellulose-based insulation?

Cellulose insulation is one of the most sustainable insulation options on the market and offers green-wise homeowners an environmentally-friendly pathway for upgrading their homes and comfort.  

Since our cellulose insulation is made with existing paper products, it also contributes to responsible forestry management, protecting our natural resources. When manufacturing, a higher percentage of recycled materials at every level can greatly affect the overall environmental impact.

Remember to ask about environmental factors and recyclables when you get a quote from anyone in the building industry.

Ready to protect the planet and upgrade your home at the same time?

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